10 maio

Both on the beach and in the countryside, the earth tones make the house beautiful and cozy

In addition to integrating it perfectly with the surroundings and nature, as we see in the image
above. In it, the brick-colored paint also has the quality of creating a slightly vibrant
atmosphere. These tones can also be used in the urban environment even as a reference to
country life.
Ocher paint
The ocher color is also one of the earth tones most used in the painting of houses in general as
a softer alternative to yellow, a vibrant and luminous color.
House painting belmont
It is important to note that the
main paint, that of the walls, can gain more definition if details of the facade, such as windows,
are painted in other colors. The most common, as it is more neutral, is white, as in this image.
Shades of gray
Also combined with details painted in white, the color of this large and traditional house is one
of the possible shades of gray, which gives the building a modern and sober air. Houses with
even more modern and contemporary lines are really attractive with a gray paint, either in a
lighter or darker tone.