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DC Powered Motors

Electric motors driven by direct current are more expensive motors and they are used in the realization of works where a better starting torque is needed, and a good control of speed. There are different types of DC motors for different types of applications. Because of its high cost, its use is preferable in special cases where the application requirements compensate the high installation cost.

The DC motor is especially used because of the speed control accuracy, which can be regulated by the inclusion of a rheostat in the field circuit to provide flow adjustments. Even with different configurations, the DC motor can not accommodate all the needs of all different types of machines and equipment that facilitate modern life.

Motors for very specific uses such as the engine of a printer, which needs to have precision in its movements or, the engine of an appliance that must gather strength, speed, small weight and lower cost, without its operation and resourcefulness are harmed by that. These engines are very used in our routine.

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