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Local chefs will continue to discuss the correct name, preparation and origin of certain dishes for hours. Italian food is always a source of regional pride. But if we try to sum up this diverse cuisine, Italian cuisine can be described as a celebration of local flavors associated with a unique appreciation of quality seasonal ingredients presented with elegant simplicity. In all regions, Italian dishes are simple preparations of some selected ingredients that are combined with art. Italy is united by the national concept of the classic food structure. Instead of serving everything in one or two meals, Italian dinners traditionally include a range of small dishes served in succession, giving guests longer time to sample food and company. Meals progress from the antipasto (starter) to the first dish of pasta or other starches, the main course of meat or fish with a simple side of vegetables, followed by lettuce, cheese and fruit, coffee and possibly digestion (such as grappa or sambuca liqueur). Residents of contemporary cities, who have largely abandoned this food structure for convenience, often still follow it during the holidays, when the long side still prevails.

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