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Alkyd paints and primary sources

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Alkyd paints and primary sources

sand casting
Alkyds or oil-urethaned binders are used in metal casting to create sand molds. The alkyd resin
is mixed with an isocyanate polymer and a metallic drier, which accelerates the reaction.
Unlike other non-baked mold technologies, the process does not release toxic fumes, but the
molds need a longer air cure.
Alkyd paints for decorative use have extra baked oils, to be longer and thus more durable.
Short-chain oil resins used in baking enamels are made from non-drying saturated oils or fatty
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These usually have higher values of acid number and hydroxyl, in order to be able to
react with the hydroxyl groups of the amine resins. These blends are usually stabilized with
amines to prevent gelling during storage.
As most of the components of an alkyd paint (Fatty acids and triglyceride oils) are derived from
low-cost renewable sources, its cost has remained low despite constant increases in the price
of oil, which is the source of the predominant raw materials. in most other types of paint, such
as Vinyls, Acrylics, Epoxies and Polyurethanes.
The primary sources of drying oils for alkyd paints are:
Tung oil;
Sunflower oil;
Safflower Oil;
Walnut Oil;
Soy oil;
Corn oil;
Hemp Oil.

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